Good-looking and bright.

Sheffmed is proud to introduce its new surgical Lion Headlight. This is an anatomically designed, universally fitting device that provides cordless high-intensity LED spotlight with unparalleled battery life and a quick-release feature to allow continuous use.

Each headlight comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, and there is a choice of 2 power packs.

The Blue Edition power pack allows up to 7 hours continuous use, and with the Red Edition power pack up to 9 hours can be achieved.

Lion Headlight Light Front
Lion Headlight front Red
Lion Headlight Side View Red
Lion Headlight Back View

Sheffmed making your job a whole lot easier.

Through talking to our existing customers, we found that many surgeons and nurses felt that most available headlights manufactured by our competitors were of little value for money. Common complaints included a poor fit, a lack of suitable adjustment for different head sizes, poor lighting and the weight and fragility of the frame. One critical design flaw which prevented continuous use of many headlights was the inclusion of integrated batteries into the frame itself, meaning that once the battery had died the examiner had to remove the headlight to be able to charge it or plug in a trailing cable.

We produced several prototypes that were thoroughly tested to produce a universally comfortable fit for men and women. A new LED spotlight was manufactured which produces a focused white spotlight to allow unimpeded examination of the patient.

Our Lion Headlight is lighter, brighter and it just made your job a whole lot easier.

L10-300  -  Lion Headlight V2 Plus Red
L10-200  -  Lion Headlight V2 Plus Blue


Lion Headlight Full Angled View
Man Wearing Lion Headlight
Man Wearing Lion Headlight Front View
Lion Headlight Battery

“The Lion Headlight gifted to me by Sheffmed has proved invaluable. One of the challenges people in Malawi face is a lack of access to healthcare services, so when people can’t visit the main ENT Unit in Blantyre, I visit them. The headlight’s battery life allows me to access the most remote communities which don’t always have electricity supplies and the headlight is so light that logistically it isn’t even a factor when I run my field clinics. On my busiest days, I can see up to 500 people and this wouldn’t be possible without the headlight – so thank you Sheffmed!”

Kent Kaonga, ENT Clinical Officer | Malawi

“I am very happy with how light yet robust the Lion Headlight feels. Using it is very intuitive and after the first charge I haven’t had to recharge it again. I have used it successfully for a difficult septoplasty surgery – a revision case, after previous surgery – wearing it for 2 and a half hours without issue. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to my colleagues.”

Dr. Alexandru Nicolaescu | Romania