Meet the people
behind Sheffmed

Not all of us are from Yorkshire, some of us support Sheffield Wednesday, and some of us should have retired 20 years ago, but one thing that binds us together is a genuine love for what we do.

Our team covers all aspects of customer service and quality control to guarantee you an easy and convenient experience. Find out who was rejected by the Spice Girls, who shared a bus with Frankie Dettori and who met Comedian Jimmy Carr!

Sonia at Sheffmed


Managing Director

Sonia looks after the internal running of the company, although her main job seems to be Chief Dog Sitter. She started Sheffmed with Alan in 1997.

Sonia is always up early to exercise, but only because she enjoys eating too many chips and chocolate and is the chief organiser of the Christmas party. She is married to her long-suffering husband Lee and together they have three dogs and three cats – all named after chocolate!

Fun Fact
Sonia once fell asleep on the back of a motorbike at 70mph.

Alan at Sheffmed



Alan started life out in the forces before joining the NHS and working in procurement. In 1991, Alan joined the private sector and so began his career in sales and marketing before establishing Sheffmed with Sonia in 1997.

Alan is married with 3 dogs called Louie, Dotty and Ruby (which are spoilt rotten) and loves cycling. He has completed an iron man triathlon and is always planning another adventure whether it be on a bike or an assault course.

Alex at Sheffmed


Sales and Marketing Advisor

Alex travelled the globe for 20 years with the Moscow state circus, specialising in trapeze and high wire.

Unfortunately, while performing in Sheffield he split his leotard and had to take the job at Sheffmed.

Fun Fact
Alex once made a cappuccino for comedian Jimmy Carr.

Amanda at Sheffmed


Sales and Marketing Advisor

From Screwfix to screw loose Amanda has joined the Sheffmed customer service team and has also brought the smallest and cutest pet, an Axolotl who has been named 'Big Al'!

Fun Fact
Amanda is also able to drink over 3 litres of water and listen to Gemma for 6 hours without taking tablets.

Andrea at Sheffmed


Customer Service Advisor

Andrea joined the marketing team at Sheffmed after moving to Sheffield.

She enjoys walking her dog and doing yoga. (Not at the same time).

Fun Fact
Andrea once shared a bus with Frankie Dettori.

Bekkie at Sheffmed


Regulatory Manager

Our Regulatory Professor Bekkie regularly trains at the gym and is all about strength and physique building, plus keeping a balance on general fitness too.

Other interests include hiking (most memorable was Inca Trail trek in Peru), travelling and gaming. 

Fun Fact
Bekkie is the smallest employee at a petite 4'11”!

Claire at Sheffmed



Claire joined us after being rejected from the cast of Mamma Mia when they discovered she was neither a Dancing Queen nor a Super Trooper after all!

A wife and mum to 2 (not so little) children, when Claire is not juggling balls to keep her household together,  she likes watching musicals and listening to the greatest era of pop...obviously the 80s. She is a massive Take That fan but nobody knows!

Fun Fact
Claire also spends time jazz and tap dancing although her style could be described as more Bjork than Beyonce!

Craig at Sheffmed


Warehouse Operative

Quickly promoted to Head of Refreshments and in his spare time Craig supports the best team in Yorkshire, Sheffield Wednesday, this is usually followed by one or a few beers with mates (never to forget the result though!).

Fun Fact
Craig once got locked out of his ferry cabin wearing only his boxer shorts on his way to Amsterdam and the barman had to let him back in.

Gemma at Sheffmed


Customer Service Advisor

Gemma joined us in 2016 and decided that reforming with the Spice Girls was not for her and wanted a normal stable place of work.

After failing to find that, Gemma joined Sheffmed and is looking after the customer service function.

She is now the closest to the kettle, *cough cough*.

Fun Fact
Baby Spice gate-crashed Gemma’s holiday at Euro Disney.

Joel at Sheffmed


Warehouse Manager

Following his successful apprenticeship with the company, Joel became a permanent member of the Sheffmed team in 2017 and now supervises the Warehouse.

In his spare time, he likes to play pool in the local pub or listen to metal in his bedroom.

He has a wolf head statue between his speakers, and yes, his wallpaper is black.

Fun Fact
Joels puppy Archie is currently under house arrest for eating his way through the Sheffmed office.

Maxine at Sheffmed


Cleanroom Manager

Max has been with the company for 20 years and we have only been going for 18, yes it does feel that long.

As Rod Stewart’s second wife, Max is at least 6’7″ - we have had to raise the ceiling and have a chair specially designed (borrowed from Wimbledon).

Fun Fact
Max once lost her bikini top going down a waterslide.

Paul at Sheffmed


Warehouse Operative

Paul is a long suffering Sheffield Wednesday supporter and a big fan of Sheffield's very own Def Leppard.

He's a dog loving Labrador dad and loves to watch any football, darts & snooker.

He loves working at Sheffmed!

Fun fact
Paul once flew a Cessna aeroplane in the US.

Sarah at Sheffmed


Cleanroom Operative

Sarah joined the boys in the Warehouse in January 2018 before moving across to the Cleanroom. She may be small, but she gives as good as she gets!

Outside of work, Sarah is a mum to three children and enjoys reading, swimming and going to the cinema.

In the colder months, she enjoys nothing more than snuggling up in front the TV and spending some quality time with her partner and children.

Fun Fact
Sarah once passed out meeting Peter Andre.

Tarja at Sheffmed


Sales and Marketing Advisor

Tarja is a Time Traveller, Sheffmed resident Viking and a lover of hats and everything vintage. She likes to escape into the 17th century and sing sea shanties around the camp fire. Or dance Lindy Hop at an RAF base war time ball.

Fun Fact
Tarja once got put in front of a red coat firing squad because her then husband (who was also a pirate) was drunk and disorderly!

Tim at Sheffmed


Warehouse Operative

After a business venture as a Joe Wicks impersonator collapsed when it was discovered he couldn't even do a star jump, Tim joined Sheffmed to save up for a much needed haircut.

In his spare time he enjoys trail running, rock climbing and adventures including travelling in Africa and trekking the Himalayas in Nepal.

Fun Fact
Tim was once helping lift a fully grown lion onto a truck and it came round from its sedation.



Bearded Collie

The youngest pup at Sheffmed, with the sharpest teeth!  Jazzie has grown into the biggest cuddle monster, and earnt the nick name Naughty Nigel.

Fun Fact
Jazzie’s pedigree name is ‘Oh, What A Feeling’ based on the title song from Flashdance.

Bounty the Rottweiler



Bounty’s main job at Sheffmed is helping everybody stick to their diets because she insists on sharing everyone’s food with them.

Her favourite things are Louie, food and socks.

Fun Fact
Bounty can fit three tennis balls in her mouth all at once!



Bearded Collie

Minstrel is a boisterous Beardie, with a lot to say!  She loves rooting through the toybox at work to find her favourite toy of the moment, but hasn’t learnt how to tidy up after herself yet.

Fun Fact
Minstrel is not keen on being brushed by her mum, but likes having her hair put in bunches by Auntie Gemma

Louie the Dachshund


Miniature Dachshund

Louie takes after his owner Alan in leg length and has a big heart with a big appetite.

Louie also likes to bully Sheffmed Rottweiler for fun.

Dotty the Cockerpoo



Dotty is an Olympic swimmer who loves rolling around in things.

She is spoilt rotten and has never heard the word ‘no!’

Ruby the Cockerpoo



Ruby swims like a drowning brick but loves affection and chasing Miniature Dachshunds.

Big Al 2

Big Al


Big Al is the most committed member of staff, he literally never leaves the office. His favourite things are meal worms, his bubble machine and playing with the doggies and not always in that order.

Fun Fact
Big Al can regenerate his limbs when the doggies have been playing too woof.