Labex Inspiration

The most advanced electrolarynx on the market

Labex Inspiration, the only electrolarynx of its kind, enables you to control both volume and pitch, allowing for nuanced speech that is both powerful and expressive.

Labex Inspiration is a powerful device that gives you the ability to creatively communicate with others in an expressive and effective manner. It allows you to modify your intonation, as well as regulate your pitch (low, medium, high), making for more natural-sounding conversation.

The science behind the Inspiration’s unique capability is based on multiple laryngectomy patient studies. These studies revealed that the feature most users want in an electrolarynx is an intonation control.

With the Inspiration’s convenient and intuitive touch panel, there’s no need for you to turn it on or off at all, as it intelligently senses when it is touching your neck. To change the tone, volume or pitch, you need only move your finger freely and easily on the slider. The intuitive design means that your finger movement sets the dynamics of intonation change – so your speech quality is set seamlessly. The Inspiration also has a start-stop function that you can easily enable or disable, providing additional control.

Labex Inspiration comes in four distinct operating modes: Regular, Linear, East-Asian and Tonal. Each one of these modes enables you to modulate your voice in a different way. You can select the one that suits you best, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the different modes to find your ‘voice.’

Labex Inspiration is the most powerful and innovative speech aid on the market, as it seamlessly combines the latest technology and research with intelligent design. 

  • Touch-enabled sliding control
  • Elegant all-metal body
  • Realistic voice reproduction and intonation
  • 4 operating modes
  • Long battery life
  • Up to 24 hours talk time
  • USB charging
Dimensions: 32mm x 32mm x 123mm
Weight: 188g with battery

LALAB0001 – Labex Inspiration Speech Aid