SpiroTect™ Baseplates

All SpiroTect™ adhesive baseplates have been developed to secure HME Cassettes at the Laryngectomy stoma site. Designed to mould to body contours, these baseplates are available in both round and oval shapes. They are designed to prevent air leakage and provide security, enabling the Laryngectomee to lead a comfortable and quality life.

SpiroTect™ Clear and Strong Baseplate, Oval/Round

The SpiroTect™ Clear and Strong Baseplates are skin friendly baseplates that secure HME Cassettes at the Laryngectomy stoma site.

SpiroTect™ Fabric Baseplate, Oval/Round

The SpiroTect™ Fabric Baseplates are skin friendly fabric dressings that secure HME Cassettes at the Laryngectomy stoma site.

SpiroTect™ Sensitive Baseplate, Oval/Round

The SpiroTect™ Sensitive Baseplates are skin friendly dressings made from hydrocolloid that secure HME Cassettes at the Laryngectomy stoma site. They can be used immediately post operatively and for those with sensitive skin.

SpiroTect™ Secure Convex Baseplate

The SpiroTect™ Secure Convex Baseplate is a skin friendly baseplate that has been developed for a more precise, supportive and secure positioning around the stoma site. Ideal for Laryngectomees with deep tracheostoma who find air leakage with their current baseplate is preventing them from regularly speaking.

SpiroTect™ Extra Sticky Baseplate

The SpiroTect™ Extra Sticky Baseplate is skin friendly foam baseplate that has been developed with extra adhesion to secure HME Cassettes at the Laryngectomy stoma site.

PTW300 – Clear and Strong Baseplate – Oval
PTW301 – Clear and Strong Baseplate – Round
PTW100 – Fabric – Oval
PTW101 – Fabric – Round
PTW200 – Sensitive – Oval
PTW201 – Sensitive – Round
PTW700 – Secure Convex
PTW501 – Extra Sticky – Round