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Suction Tubes

Zoellner Suction Tube

Product Description

The Zoellner suction tubes are used in aural microsuction to remove impacted earwax. Fitted to a low-pressure suction device, known as an ear irrigator, the suction tube safely and comfortably cleans the patient’s ear canal.

The Zoellner suction tubes feature a fenestrated polymer handle with grips for accurate clinical control and an ergonomic design, comfortable for left and right-handed users. The surgical steel tubing comes in ranges of 30⁰ or 45⁰ to suit individual practitioners’ preferences and handle variants are available with and without control holes, which allow greater suction when covered by the user’s finger. Fine end suction tips can be attached using a simple “push-fit” for precision.

Each Zoellner suction tube is sterilised and comes individually sealed. It is a disposable instrument intended for single-use and is available in three variants.


P20-100       30⁰ No Control Hole
P20-102G     30⁰ With Control Hole
P20-105       45⁰ No Control Hole

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