Disposable Foam Filter

The Laryngofoam Filter has been designed to warm, moisten and filter the incoming air. It can be applied in seconds and is held securely in place by a hypoallergenic adhesive strip. The soft rounded edges are also a unique feature of the Laryngofoam range.

The simplicity and effectiveness of this product ensures its popularity throughout the world with laryngectomees in all climates and conditions.

The Laryngofoam Filter is made of Hydrolox® 1 Foam which has excellent moisture transfer properties. This ensures better humidification within the trachea for breathing comfort and confidence.

Use 1-2 per day as necessary

LALFF0003 – Small (65mm x 51mm x 4mm) – Beige
LALFF0023 – Large (65mm x 65mm x 4mm) – Beige