PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HME Filter

PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HME Filters are compatible with PHONIQ® baseplates, can be worn for 24 hours and have been carefully designed with intelligent features which improve both usability and aesthetic appearance.

Cough Release
PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HME Filters feature a patented unique pressure release mechanism which activates during reflexive coughing or sneezing. This feature helps prevent the HME from being ejected from the baseplate.

Two Foam Types
PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Active provides low breathing resistance and allows for high flow rates for exercise. This can also be helpful to those with lung disease.

PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Comfort provides regular flow and resistance for normal everyday activities.

Stoma Occlusion
PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HME Filters only require light pressure to occlude the stoma.

Aesthetically Discrete
PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HMEs are lightweight, low profile and available in two colours, beige and clear.

Enhanced Visibility of Filter
PHONIQ® filter housing is made of clear material which improves visibility of the foam filter. This allows for more timely changes if secretions are present.

LAPFT0001 – PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Comfort HME Filter – Clear
LAPFT0002 – PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Active HME Filter – Clear
LAPFT0003 – PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Comfort HME Filter – Beige
LAPFT0004 – PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Active HME Filter – Beige