Tumarkin Ear Specula

The Tumarkin disposable ear specula is designed to comfortably broaden a patient’s ear canal for safe examination. It features a single lateral slot that allows safe and practical treatment of the patient’s ear using instruments such as suction tubes, wax hooks and probes. Procedures allowed by the Tumarkin ear specula include microsuction, wax removal and curettage. It is made of a lightweight polymer with a black matt finish.

The Tumarkin ear specula is disposable, being intended for single-use, and is available in seven different sizes.

P60-401 – Size 1
P60-402 – Size 2
P60-403 – Size 3
P60-404 – Size 4
P60-405 – Size 5
P60-406 – Size 6
P60-407 – Size 7