Kent Kaonga ENT Surgeon

Hello, I am Kent Kenneth Kaonga from Malawi. I worked as a clinical officer for 7 years in the Ear, Nose and Throat department at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi.

My job entailed clinical assessment, investigation, diagnosis and both invasive and non-invasive procedures (surgery).

As a clinical officer I only had access to some of the clinical activities and interventional procedures due to the knowledge gap that exists between a qualified doctor and a clinical officer. It is for this reason that I got motivated to defy all odds to get to medical school and acquire knowledge so that I can improve the health status of my country.

By the way, Malawi is a country in southeastern Africa, with an estimated population of 19 million, but has a doctor-patient ratio of more than 1:1000. My training will go a long way to increase both knowledge and advanced clinical research in the process of alleviating suffering. At the end of my training I will return to Malawi to offer the best of my medical knowledge to the society.