Buchanan® Protector

Available on FP10 Prescription

The Buchanan® Protector is a neck worn cover that provides air filtration, and the exclusive Hydrolox® 1 Foam used in the manufacturing process is specially designed to deliver efficient heat and moisture exchange.

The Buchanan® Protector also features Ezi-Tie® adjustors for increased ease and comfort.

Carefully selected materials such as pure cotton mesh provide the following benefits:

  • Comfortable and soft to the skin with no sharp edges
  • Non-adhesive therefore no skin irritation
  • Flexible, so rests comfortably on the neck and chest
  • Can be used immediately, post-operatively
  • Ideal in all weather conditions
  • Choice of sizes – small and large
  • Can be worn day and night

Buchanan® is the only airway protector with Hydrolox® 1 Foam offering the following benefits:

  • Excellent moisture absorbing capacity
  • Provides heat and moisture to incoming air
  • Filters out dust and dirt

The Buchanan® Protector eliminates up to 97% of airborne particles equivalent to the size of mould spores, dust and some bacteria, which are small enough to be inhaled and reach the middle of the lungs.

LABUP0001 – Buchanan® Large (width: 220mm, length: 190mm)
LABUP0002 – Buchanan® Small (width: 145mm, length: 120mm)