SpiroTect™ Protectors

All available on NHS prescription

SpiroTect™ Protectors come in a range of colours and a choice of two sizes, large and small. They are specifically designed to protect Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy patients airway to give them the confidence to do everyday tasks.

  • Filters, warms and moistens air to help protect the trachea
  • Ezi-Tie® adjustors ensure simple and effective fastening
  • No label on the Protector to avoid discomfort
  • Protector size: Large 255mm x 195mm, small 150mm x 120mm
*Protector should be hand washed no more than three times

PTA700 – SpiroTect™ Small Protector – Navy
PTA703 – SpiroTect™ Small Protector – White
PTA704 – SpiroTect™ Small Protector – Aqua
PTA705 – SpiroTect™ Small Protector – Grey
PTA706 – SpiroTect™ Small Protector – Purple
PTA702 – SpiroTect™ Large Protector – Navy
PTA707 – SpiroTect™ Large Protector – White
PTA708 – SpiroTect™ Large Protector – Aqua
PTA709 – SpiroTect™ Large Protector – Grey
PTA710 – SpiroTect™ Large Protector – Purple